Kakato: FAQ

Why Should I Choose Kakato Natural Sweetener?

Kakato™ sweetener was formulated to replace the tasty yet incredibly unhealthy sugar. Kakato™ sweetener does not have a strange aftertaste like many other sugar substitutes and it behaves similar to sugar (caramelizes, bulks, browns, and mouthfeel). It offers a great sweetness experience and has many nutritional benefits including low glycemic index, low calorie, prebiotic fiber, prebiotic tagatose, satiety, and tooth friendly. Silver Fern™ Brand has successfully replaced sugar with Kakato™ sweetener in a wide range of products. We believe consumers will find it equally useful in their own formulations.

How is Kakato sweetener different than regular sugar?  

Kakato™ sweetener is a satisfying low glycemic sweetener that provides prebiotic fiber and prebiotic tagatose. Kakato™ sweetener offers a stomach friendly fiber that provides many gut health benefits. Sugar offers no nutritional value and is known to be unhealthy.

How does Kakato sweetener taste?

Kakato™ sweetener is similar in taste to sugar but approximately 10% to 20% sweeter.

What is tagatose?

Tagatose is a low glycemic and low calorie natural sweetener. The raw material used to create tagatose is lactose from milk. The dairy protein allergens are removed from tagatose as a result of fermentation and various thermal processes. Therefore, tagatose is lactose free. Learn more about Tagatose with this PDF.

What is the prebiotic fiber?

The prebiotic fiber that is used in the Kakato™ sweetener blend is low glycemic with an estimated glycemic index of under 15. The prebiotic fiber used in Kakato™ sweetener is a proprietary blend produced from not genetically engineered starch. This fiber blend was specially formulated to have better gut tolerance compared to other fibers.

What is Kakato sweetener’s glycemic index?

Kakato™ sweetener was tested by GI Labs & Merieux NutriSciences and both find that Kakato™ sweetener ranks as having a LOW glycemic index.