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Kai meal replacement powders are the ideal meal replacement for curbing hunger and maximizing protein benefits.

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Silver Fern™ Brand

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There are thousands of protein powders and meal replacement shake powders but none of them are like Kai meal replacement powders. Kai meal replacement powders maximize protein usage for superior muscle building and recovery. They are also natural and contain three types of prebiotics (prebiotic fiber, prebiotic tagatose, and prebiotic whole food ingredient blend) for gut health benefits.


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About Silver Fern™ Brand

Silver Fern™ Brand was launched in 2016 by a team of exercise enthusiasts that expect better results and more benefits than can be found in traditional supplements. Silver Fern™ Brand is not bound by traditional retail restrictions and can place product performance at the top of the priority list for formulations. Look for Silver Fern™ Brand supplement products to have lots of additional benefits and superior ingredients in comparison to traditional supplement products that are mostly focused on margins as the first priority.


Discover Kai Meal Replacement Powders

Kai meal replacement powders are natural. This means that they use natural sweeteners, flavors, and colors. In some instances, consumers familiar with intense artificially sweetened and flavored meal replacement powders will find Kai powders’ flavors subtler and less intense, which they like. For consumers familiar with naturally sweetened products that use stevia extract or monk fruit extract as the basis for sweetness they will find a surprising lack of aftertaste usually associated with both stevia extract and monk fruit extract. For a majority of consumers of Kai powders, they discover that Kai meal replacement powders are much more satisfying in comparison to other products. Everyone discovers that Kai meal replacement powders taste great and offer more benefits than other meal replacement powders.