Paka Baking Mix: FAQ

What are the main benefits of Paka Baking Mixes?

·         Paka Baking Mixes have added protein:

·         Protein builds bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood

·         Protein builds and repairs tissue

·         Protein also helps make enzymes, hormones, and other body chemicals

  • Paka Baking Mixes have prebiotic fiber and prebiotic tagatose:

·         Increased calcium and magnesium absorption

·         Improved gut health

·         Stronger bones & increased bone density

·         Enhanced and strengthened immune system

·         Reduced blood triglyceride levels

·         Prebiotics are the food for probiotics

  • Paka Baking Mixes have lots of high tolerability fiber: 

·         Normalizing bowel movements

·         Helps maintain bowel health

·         Lowers cholesterol levels

·         Helps control blood sugar levels

·         Aids in achieving healthy weight

  • Paka Baking Mixes are low sugar while still being delicious. Oftentimes when you have sugar you experience a sugar crash within a few hours after eating it. Paka Baking mixes help you avoid a sugar rush/crash while still fulfilling that sweet craving 
  • Paka Baking Mixes are satisfying. Satisfaction increases when avoiding products loaded in sugar and refined white or rice flour. Many parents know that if they want to improve the health of their family they will focus on reducing sugar, increasing protein and fiber, and purchasing products with quality ingredients. The trick is to find snacks and foods that are full of good calories not empty ones. Paka baking are made with only natural ingredients and do not contain artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors making them the perfect snack for my family.

Why are the Paka baking mixes more expensive than normal baking mixes?

Traditional baking mixes are usually full of sugar and other inexpensive ingredients that offer little or no nutritional benefit. Paka baking mixes are full of ingredients such as whey protein isolate, tagatose, milk protein isolate, whole algae flour, coconut oil, teff flour, acacia gum, and many other beneficial ingredients. Traditional baking mixes are full of empty calories from sugar and refined flours. Paka baking mixes are high in protein, high in fiber, low in sugar, and naturally sweetened.


Why are parents willing to pay more for Paka baking mixes for their kids and families vs standard baking mixes?

Parents trying to improve the health of their family want to reduce sugar, increase protein and fiber, and improve ingredient quality. Parents need snacks and foods that are not full of empty calories but full of good calories. As a parent of five children, I like that my family can eat Paka baking mixes to replace other snacks and desserts. My kids are getting much needed protein and prebiotic fiber. Paka baking mixes do not contain artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors. The mixes use only natural ingredients.

Can Paka Baking Mixes play a role in weight loss?

A person on a diet usually struggles with carb cravings and the desire to snack. People need something that both tastes good and stays within a good diet. While Paka baking mixes are not Grandma’s sugar and white flour loaded desserts, they really do taste good. Paka baking mixes are full of protein, fiber, and good fat (from sources like coconut oil and whole algae flour) and are low in sugar. Paka baking mixes are the perfect solution to curb carb cravings. Whether you need a good snack or want to add more protein and fiber to your diet, Paka baking mixes are a great solution.   


How do Paka Baking Mixes compare to other gluten free baked goods & mixes?

First of all, Paka Baking Mixes taste amazing. In our opinion, better than most gluten free products we have tried. In contrast to regular gluten free products, Paka baking mixes are good for you while traditional gluten free baking mixes are simply gluten free. Most standard gluten free baking mixes are full of empty calories and loaded with sugar. A person eating a standard gluten free baking mix may be avoiding gluten but they are also missing out on important nutritional benefits as well. In contrast to a standard gluten free baking mix, Paka baking mixes are high in protein, high in fiber, full of beneficial fats (monounsaturated fats from whole algae flour and saturated fats from coconut oil), and low in sugar.


Can Paka Baking Mixes be used as a snack by diabetics?

Paka baking mixes are great tasting natural desserts without all the sugar and artificial ingredients found in other baking mixes. However, Silver Fern™ Brand HAS NOT had the glycemic index testing done for each of its baking mixes. But Silver Fern™ Brand has taken all steps possible to reduce empty carbohydrates, such as sugar, from being in the Paka baking mixes. The Kakato™ natural sweetener used in Paka baking mixes is comprised of prebiotic fiber, prebiotic tagatose, stevia extract, monk fruit extract, and other natural flavors. Kakato™ sweetener is a low glycemic sweetener. Paka baking mixes are mostly comprised of fiber, protein, tagatose, and good fats. Tagatose benefits include: Anti-hyperglycemic – Reduces carbohydrate absorption from carbohydrate rich foods. Low glycemic index of 3. Inhibition of carbohydrate degradation to glucose. Reduction of blood glucose level (liver) – Tagatose promotes glucose transfer to glycogen and reduces the blood glucose levels.

What is the prebiotic fiber?

The prebiotic fiber that is used in the Kakato™ sweetener blend is low glycemic with an estimated glycemic index of under 15. It is a proprietary blend produced from not genetically engineered starch. This fiber blend was specially formulated to have better gut tolerance than other fibers.


What is tagatose?

Tagatose is a low glycemic and low calorie natural sweetener that is derived from lactose found in milk.  The dairy protein allergens are removed from tagatose as a result of fermentation and various thermal processes. Therefore, tagatose is lactose free. Learn more about Tagatose with this PDF.


What is whole algae flour?

Whole algae flour is rich in monounsaturated fat, dietary fiber, and micronutrients. It is natural, not genetically engineered, and free of known allergens. Whole algae flour is made from a native microalgae strain that was discovered in the freshwater in the Netherlands, is harvested in Brazil, and then manufactured in the U.S. This ingredient adds good fats, fiber, and protein while enhancing the mouthfeel of products.


Is there anything artificial in Paka Baking Mixes?

There’s NOTHING artificial...not one thing!

What is sodium caseinate and other similar ingredients?

These are natural flow agents for the natural flavors that make up a tiny percentage of the whole mix.


What are customers’ biggest challenges with Paka baking mixes?

  • Some consumers expect a traditional baking mix. Paka baking mixes are not full of sugar and simple carbohydrates. Paka baking mixes are full of protein, fiber, and good fats with little or no sugar.
  • Not all customers follow the baking directions and some end up with a poor finished product. Silver Fern™ Brand has received a majority of positive responses to the Paka baking mixes from consumers that are familiar with eating healthier and that have baked the Paka baking mixes correctly.

What About All The Fiber?

Paka baking mixes are high in dietary fiber overconsumption will cause gas. Don’t eat the whole pan at once, even though you may want to! While the fiber used in Paka has better tolerability than other types of fiber, if someone is not getting enough dietary fiber eats several servings at once, they may get gas and bloating as a result. For example, if someone eats 10 cookies, each containing 6 grams of fiber they will have consumed 60 grams of fiber, which may cause gas if they are not accustomed to a high fiber diet.


How important is it to follow the baking directions on the Paka box precisely?

Follow the baking instructions! Paka baking mixes are unique products. When you do not bake the products per the instructions on the box you will have poor results. Common mistakes include using the wrong pan size or using melted butter instead of butter that is at room temperature. For best results also use real lemons and limes. Please follow the directions carefully!