Paka: Writing Copy

One sentence description of what Paka baking mixes are: Paka baking mixes are revolutionary mixes that make eating brownies, cookies, muffins, cake, bars and other desserts a good food choice.

How we would like the company to be referred to:  Silver Fern™ Brand

Paragraph on why these products are important and innovative:

Gluten free buyers desire better tasting gluten free products with more nutritional value. Bodybuilders and exercise enthusiasts are tired of protein powders and protein bars. Millions of Americans are on diets from carbs and sugar and are looking for replacement options.  Moms and dads want great tasting snacks that are healthier for their children. Consumers want to eat less sugar, get more protein, and increase fiber consumption.  What they want are great tasting treats and desserts that won’t break their diets. Paka baking mixes are the solution to all these needs.

Boilerplate paragraph about Silver Fern™ Brand

Silver Fern™ Brand was launched in 2016 by a team of sugar addicts and exercise enthusiasts that desperately needed to replace all their unhealthy snacks, treats, and desserts without sacrificing taste.  Silver Fern™ Brand’s goal and objective is to make food that is both delicious and good for you.