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Welcome to Wai Drink Mixes by Silver Fern™ Brand!

We are excited you have decided to work with us to make the world a sweeter place.

*Please review ALL of the following before doing ANY work.*

Pronounced: Why

Claims Doc

The Claims Doc explains what claims we can and cannot make. This is extremely important. For example, the wrong usage of claims such a “sugar free” can easily place our products into the artificial product category, which we want to avoid.

Review this now and before making any claims as we keep this updated.

Here is a direct link to Wai drink mixes’ claims docs:

Branding Guide

The Branding Guide discusses Silver Fern™ Brand branding guidelines. Here you will find how to properly use the logo, colors, brand voice, and trademarks.

Please review this now and before posting/creating any new assets/creatives as we keep this updated.

Please note these important issues regarding the use of trademarks:

Silver Fern Brand products are to be used as adjectives and should never be used as nouns, or in the possessive or plural form. 

For example:  “Kakato sweetener’s benefits include…” or “Kakato brand sweetener is…” would be considered proper use as the trademark is being used as an adjective and the term “sweetener” is being used as the generic term.  On the other hand, saying “Kakato’s benefits…” or “the benefit of Kakato is…” are not proper trademark use as Kakatois being used as a generic term.

Branding Guidelines

Branding Guidelines

Copy Writing

The Copy Writing wiki page gives you direction on how to write copy for Wai drink mixes.

Before writing any copy, you MUST review this page. 

Writing Copy

Wai Drink Mix: FAQ

​Please review the following common questions and answers about Paka Baking Mixes

​Frequently Asked Questions

Images & Assets

​The Google folder contains all of our current assets including product photography, lifestyle images etc. for use on social media, website, display networks, and PR.

We are constantly updating these.


Wai Videos

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